Pharmaceutical Services

Accuracy and quality of testing drugs and pharmaceuticals is most critical than in other field, because human life is involved here. A large number of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics and other industries trust the laboratory to provide assurance that their products are safe for human consumption.

Startech labs has facilities for undertaking the following analytical services

  • Polymorphism study by powder X-ray Diffraction (XRD)
  • Method Development/Validation & Analysis for elemental impurities as per ICH Q3D and USP<232> & <233> requirements.
  • Analytical Method Development on XRD, Particle Size Distribution Analyzer, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, GC-HS, HPLC, etc.
  • Validation on Analytical Methods of XRD, ICP-OES, Malvern Particle Size Distribution Analyzer 2000 and 3000, HPLC, GC, UV and AAS as per ICH Guidelines
  • Purified Water System Validation [TOC & Micro]
  • TOC Analysis of water by TOC Analyzer.
  • Analysis of Drugs (API) and Intermediates as per Pharmacopoeia or in-house specifications:
    i. Identification by FTIR, 
    ii. Particle Size Distribution (Dry & Wet Method) using Malvern Mastersizer 2000 & 3000
    iii. Powder X-ray Diffraction (XRD)
    iv. Elemental Impurities by ICP-MS
    v. Trace Metal Analysis by ICP-OES
    vi. Purity, Assay, Related Substances by HPLC and GC
    vii.Organic Volatile Impurities and Residual Solvents estimation by GC-Headspace
    viii. Heavy metals by AAS
    ix. Potentiometric Titration (Aqueous, Non Aquous, Argentometric)by Metrohm Autotitrator
    x. Moisture content by Karl Fischer Titrator
    xi.Smelting Range
    xii. Microbiological tests (TBC, TFC, Pathogens)
    Xiii. Water activity analysis/testing as per USP <1112>

  • Analysis of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms (Formulations) as per Pharmacopoeia
    i. Content of drugs by HPLC, UV, GC
    ii. Dissolution Test
  • Testing of Medicinal & Toiletry products
  • Testing of various products by using various sophisticated analytical equipment like Particle Size Distribution Analyzer, XRD, ICP-OES, ICPMS, AAS, HPLC, GC, TOC, UV-VIS, FTIR, etc.
  • Microbiological Analysis: Assay (Vitamins & Antibiotics)
  • Microbiological Limit Tests: Total Bacterial Count, Yeast & Molds, Pathogens ( E.coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus. aureus, etc.)
  • Preservative Efficacy Test (Preservative Challenge test) of formulations
  • Bacterial Endotoxins (BET) test
  • Analysis of cosmetics like Creams, Lotions, Emulsions, Gels, Oils, Talcum Powder, Scents, Sprays , Nail Polish, Perfumes, Tooth Paste, Mouth Wash, Face Wash, Lipsticks, Hair dye, etc...
  • NMR (1H & 13C), Elemental Analysis and MASS Studies of new molecules for Structural Elucidation, DSC, TGA and S E M studies of products (Services Provided by out sourcing)
  • Analysis of herbal products like Ashwagandha, Curcumin, etc..